Red Hill Safeway implements anti-theft strategies



Simone Anguera, Opinion Editor

The Safeway at Redhill is cracking down on the thefts that plague it. Despite its products’ affordability, this location has experienced increasing discontinuities between its original inventory and its reported income for years.

Previously, shoplifters were able to walk in, grab some food, and walk out without paying because of Safeway’s “no chase” policy.

The policy states that once a shoplifter leaves the store, security guards and staff can no longer do anything to punish the thief or retrieve the stolen product.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Safeway spokesperson Keith Turner says the store is doing its best to gain control over the situation.

While the “no chase” policy is still in effect, the store obtains control by blocking thieves from exiting the store and enacting the policy; staff members stand guard by the self-checkout machines checking for receipts, and others block the double-doors to check for proof of purchase from the rest of the store.

Whether customers have been stealing because of the thrill, a moral opposition to lines or self checkout machines, or a lack of money, these measures are halting the thefts that have frustrated Safeway’s loss prevention managers.

“We’ve seen our product deficit decreasing,” store manager Theresa Maddock said. “I definitely think this is working.”

Although these measures aren’t drastic, there are other security measures including undercover, cops and Safeway’s own private security teams.

“We do have procedures in place to prevent theft and to apprehend shoplifters that doesn’t include chasing them down. However, the details of those policies are confidential.” Turner said.