Alternative strategies to study SAT/ACT

Isa Ferris, Reporter

The SAT/ACT, a dreaded test that consumes money and time, is essential to the college application process. In fact, 95 percent of colleges expect at least one of the tests.

The test can cause stress for students and families who are trying to scrape up enough money to pay for their test prep. There has been debate about the types of test prep that is most effective or affordable.
Specialists and tutors are available to assist a student with the preparation. The prep bundles can range anywhere from $800-$6,000.

Though it may seem everyone goes to a SAT/ACT prep tutor here, for the majority of people, it’s too pricey. Parents and students have chosen alternatives.

In 2015, the nonprofit company Khan Academy partnered with the College Board, that administers the SAT, to create a free, hands-on study tool for students preparing to take the test. This program links your account with the College Board that provides you with four practice tests, problems, and test-taking strategies.

If kids learn better by a hands-on approach, purchasing the SAT or ACT prep book is a wise decision. It’s also important to utilize the high school counselors. They enjoy sharing their knowledge of the world of test prep with students.

Besides offering great advice, Lisa Neumaier has free prep books and other helpful pamphlets. The school’s library has a shelf of eight or so prep books available for check out.
YouTube is also loaded with videos, offering strategies and tips on how to ace the SAT/ACT. Self-study works for some students, but others argue that working one-on-one with a tutor is more encouraging.

“I tried to study by myself during my junior year, I used mostly the test prep books when I took the test. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. My senior year I’m hoping to improve my score with an online tutor,” Senior Angel Ainembabazi said.

If tutors seem too pricey, many companies offer scholarship money for those who can’t pay, all one has to do is ask.

Preparing for these tests is an investment both financially and academically. If a student decides to take the test/s it’s important to find the best method of preparation and stick to it.