Phyllis’ Giant Burger dominates

Sam Mohan Lewin, Hook Editor

The title for the Best Burger in Marin is highly coveted. Unfortunately, Marin isn’t blessed with the same cultural diversity the rest of the Bay Area has, therefore, good food options are limited.

Marinites are confronted with a perplexing dilemma. Do I drive into San Francisco to find some legitimate, exotic food, or do I stay in Marin and eat a burger? For those who typically lean towards staying in Marin, here is your ultimate burger guide. These burgers are graded on their overall taste, quality and value.

Phyllis’ Giant Burger
Phyllis’ is located on Miracle Mile, the stretch between San
Anselmo and San Rafael, an area that perplexes many people who drive by it.Why is it there? Who cares. If Phyllis’ is there, the area has well served its purpose.
It’s amazing what just salt and pepper can do for a burger. These two embellishments, when used to their fullest potential, produce fantastic food. This is what Phyllis’ has managed to do. A Phyllis’ cheeseburger is delightfully simple and greatly satisfying.
All of the the meat’s flavors are emphasized with extraordinary quality. Although it is more expensive than other places, about $15 for a meal, the quality makes it well worth it.

Perry’s Deli No 3
One of five Perry’s Delis around the Bay Area, the Fairfax location has long been part of the community’s culture. Citizens pick up their sandwiches for the day in the early morning and venture off to their jobs, while students rush there at lunch and after school.
The deli has built a personal relationship with the town. The old timer who sits at the table next to me asks the young man at the register how his truck is running. “Peachy,” the man said. This is one of the things that makes Perry’s special.
The other is the food. People predominantly order one of three things when at Perry’s, a Game Day, Philly Cheesesteak or a burger. They are as good as it gets in Fairfax.
Where other burgers are too dry, this one is succulent. Let’s be honest, American cheese, no matter how awful for you, improves a burger.
Perry’s is a great deal as well. A meal with fries and a shake will make you shell out only about $10. One of my two problems with Perry’s burgers is the buns.
Their buns are far too big, so when you eat it sometimes the flavor becomes drowned in the bun’s blandness. The other is that the grill closes around 5 p.m. I just want more.

M&G’s is good, a nice last stop on your way out to the beach, with tasty food and a great patio. However, M&G’s burgers punch above their weight.
Fairly small and flavorful, M&G’s is also the best burger place in Fairfax open past 5 p.m., a nice advantage.
Their biggest advantage is the size and variety of their menu. They offer so much food. Chili, hot dogs and a variety of sandwiches and fries make it a tough decision, but their burger truly is the best item.
Unfortunately, the one thing that makes M&G’s rating just above average is their prices which are probably a little too high running about $17 for the size of the same meal.

Farm Burger
The first time I ate at Farm Burger, it was in Berkeley on the way home from a soccer game. It was average.
That is the main “beef” I have with Farm Burger. Like many Marinites, the place is pretentious in its presentation.
Their menu lists their hamburgers under a section called “Blackboard Burgers.” Listing burgers are on a blackboard doesn’t make them special; it adds absolutely nothing to the flavor, texture or quality of the food, so why tell me this?
The atmosphere tries so hard to be rustic, but when you look out the window, you’re in Red Hill Shopping Center.
Their burgers are dry, their cheese is too strong and takes away from the rest of the burger instead of complementing it and their “FB” fries (glorified parmesan garlic fries) are way too cheesy. A full meal with FB fries and a shake adds up to 19$.
All in all, Farm Burger is nothing to write home about.