This year’s Assassin victors bask in glory


Photo By Case Delst

Seniors Andy Eisenger, Conner Worthington, and Aidan Borgonovo show off their earnings.

Connor George, Reporter

After three weeks of battle, Assassin finally came to an end. Hours of staking out, constant paranoia in the classroom, and quick moments of decisive action have lead six students to glory.

Seniors Aidan Borgonovo, Conner Worthington, and Andy Eisinger were victors along with juniors Eamonn Lance, Riley Weller, and Nicco Pompili. Winning $400 and ultimate bragging rights the battleworn students reenter normal life and no longer have the looming fear of assassination. This year’s game was action packed and the winners have the battle scars to prove it.

Q: What was your favorite part of the game?
A: Weller: My favorite part was honestly the competition. This is a different kind of game because you don’t really have to have any skills so everyone is on an even playing field. If anything it really all just comes down to strategy. Being on a team and strategizing is really fun.

Q: What were some of the strategies you guys used?
A: Eisinger: A lot of this game is about deception and knowledge. Like the more you know about other teams and their targets, the more information you have about everyone and that gives you the upper hand. For instance if I know who has the people going after me, or if I know the people going after a good team, then I can set them up and get rid of a threat.

Q: Why did you guys choose to split the pot?
A: Pompili: We split the pot because in the end it’s still a lot of money for all of us. Also the rules changed this year, and it was every man for himself. I think we were all just kind of done trying to kill people and having to stress everytime we walked out of the house or sat down at our desks. We just wanted to put an end to it.

Q: What was the hardest thing you had to do or go through?
A: Worthington: Well it was always super frustrating knowing you got a team out and having them deny it. The game is on the honor system, so when people don’t play to the standards of honesty it kind of ruins the game. We did end up killing them but it was still just annoying to deal with. Nothing was really that hard just annoying.

Q: What team did you guys fear most? Why?
A: Lance: Definitely Aidan Borgonovo’s team. They got super far last year and since they were seniors this year they were super dedicated and knew what they were doing so that made them super tough opponents.

Q: What did it take to win? Was it worth it?
A: Lance: It took waking up at 6 a.m., waiting outside people’s houses for hours; staying out late on school nights; sacrificing homework; not studying for tests; basically hours of planning and executing. It was definitely worth it not only for the money but just for the pride of beating all the other teams.

Q: Who did the most for your team?
A: Lance: I think we all had equal roles. Some were slayers while others were used as bait. It took the whole team to last throughout the entire game so I wouldn’t really place it on any one person. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my team.

Q: After last year how did it feel to win? What happened last year?
A: Borgonovo: Last year honestly sucked. We went so hard and then in the end the seniors just rigged it so we couldn’t win. I’m just glad we made it back to the finals and actually got the money we deserved this time. I’m mad that the rules changed so we couldn’t outright win. All in all I’m just happy we are getting the money.