AP Art students benefit from trip abroad


The view overlooking the canal in Venice, Italy.

Learning as exploration for this year’s students. A trip to Italy.

Students from both AP Art and AP Ceramics climbed aboard a plane and zipped off to a land of food, fun and famous art.

The trip began in Rome where the group toured the Vatican, the Gallery of the Borgia, saw the Sistine Chapel and ate cheesy delectable pizza street side.

Florence was next on the agenda, where the students got to experience the marvelous Uffizi Gallery, climb the steps of the Doma, journey into various shops and gelatorias and sketch to their heart’s content.

Venice was the final destination. The Peggy Guggenheim Museum, gondola rides and ferry boating to mysterious and quaint islands across the canal, were a few student favorite moments.

Art By Zoe Hamblin
Art with water color and colored pencil by senior Zoe Hamblin.

“My perspective and mindset around art completely expanded and filled with color! The only problem with the trip was that I was so inspired I couldn’t put my pencil down.”
-Senior Zoe Hamblin

“I loved the freedom to roam around and go to areas that we personally wanted to go in our spare time, as well as seeing some of the most famous pieces of art. But the gelato…Oh the gelato was my favorite.”
-Junior Remy Pelzman

Art By Blake Nelson
Art with water color and pens by senior Blake Nelson.

“The trip was amazing, I highly recommend the trip if students have the chance.”
–Senior Blake Nelson

“It was absolutely worth all the money I fundraised for it. I encourage people to go on this trip, even people that don’t take art.”
-Junior Remy Pelzman