Boys lacrosse looks to rebuild after tough year

Sebastian Molineaux

As the 2018 season comes to an end, varsity boys lacrosse has had an underwhelming run. Struggling to click as a group and exercise their skills, their current performance and record is less than stellar.

“Our team really struggled working together on the field early this season. Our chemistry just wasn’t there” said senior Kiva Corshen.

The program isn’t very big, and some have questioned whether the effort is worth it. Mathieu Isanove, a junior who has played since his freshman year, stopped this season due to the amount of extracurricular hours.

“Lacrosse was a big commitment, and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I had other commitments and activities that just felt more important,” Isanove said.

Being a seasoned player, Isanove believes the team has lost a lot of steam.

“It felt less serious this year compared to other seasons I’ve had,” Isanove said. “I felt like I wasn’t getting the comradery I wanted”

This isn’t to say the boys didn’t have their moments this season. Picking up wins over San Rafael and San Marin, they began to get closer and work more cooperatively on the field. However, ending 2-6 at home and 0-6 away, the team will need to improve for next year.

“We’ve lost a fair amount of games, but we are definitely starting to come together, and I think our two recent wins have shown that,” junior Thomas Faville said

Although the team has seen better days, the potential to grow and improve over the next few years is present.

Faville looks optimistic to the future of the sport.

“I enjoy it and think it’s a great sport. We are small in numbers, and I think we definitely need to grow the program, but we have some very talented players. I think looking to previous seasons as an example of what we can do can help, and hopefully by the time I’m a senior, we can make our mark as a legitimate force,” Faville said.

Corshen will depart after this year, but hopes that the team will rebuild and come back stronger in 2019.

“We know we clicked this season and I hope the team starts next season with wins, and have fun doing it,” Corshen said.