Enthusiastic crowd enhances spirit

Enthusiastic crowd enhances spirit

Photo Courtesy of Rod Miles

Colin Brown, Reporter

Seeing a sea of students dressed in neon clothing can be a boost for the home team and a distraction to the opposing side. Sporting events are popular here and help promote the school spirit here. One thing that has increased our spirit is attendance at home games wearing a designated theme.

For every home varsity basketball game this year the team chose a theme for the students, who attend to wear. Themes require some creativity like, Hawaiian, USA, camouflage, black out, white out, pajamas, jerseys, to name a few.

“Our fans are putting in the effort to find ways to support their team, which adds spirit to the school and motivation to the team,” Athletic Director Nate Severin said.

Not only does it show support from the fan base, it also brings the fans and the school together.

“Dressing up in these themes is fun. This school has a reputation of having a strong school spirit,” junior Daniel Forrest said.

Having these themes during sporting events energizes the fans and players.

“Running onto the court seeing a bunch of your peers decked out in gear, coming to watch your games really motivates me as a player. It hypes me up,” varsity point guard Noah Bice said.