Lunch, Fairfax or San Anselmo, students decide

Skylar Oswald, Ads & Business

Students pull out of the parking lot everyday at lunch and make one initial choice, turn left or right?

Fairfax and San Anselmo are both near school each with a distinct ambience.

In reality, either is a great option, but it is hard to know which is better when taking affordability, quality, and traffic into account.

Downtown Fairfax is about five minutes away from campus with usually minimal traffic. Finding parking can sometimes be difficult, but most of the time it is not a hassle.

Fairfax is a welcoming, relaxed town with many diverse food options. Perry’s Deli, Mana Bowls, Grilly’s, Lotus, M&G’s, Fairfix and Good Earth are all popular, high quality food options for students.

“Fairfax has the best food, and the town itself has such a happy vibe.” said junior Chloe Mansbridge.

Downtown San Anselmo also has many delicious lunch options, all with friendly atmospheres.

Popular lunch spots in San Anselmo include Comforts, Mi Pueblo, Java Hub, Barton’s Bagels, and Stefanos. Some students walk to Red Hill Shopping Center for lunch as well.

Traffic and parking in San Anselmo is a bit more difficult to navigate because it can be hard to find an open spot in this busy town. Like Fairfax, most of the time it is manageable.

“I really like downtown San Anselmo and Stefano’s is dank.” Said junior Sadie Cudd.

Students from each grade were asked to choose which town is favorable for lunch. When deciding which town is better suited for lunchtime, most found it challenging to choose.

Considering all factors involved, the majority of student agreed that Fairfax is the clear winner.

“Fairfax is just so much better because it has better food options and it is easier to find parking.” said senior Stella Purkey.

Although many said that Fairfax had more reliable and cheap options, most students enjoyed both towns.

Junior Ollie White believes that food in Fairfax is better, but he was even doubting himself when he realized the great food San Anselmo has to offer.

“The fact that Stefano’s is in San Anselmo is a game changer.” White said.

Open campus lunches provide a break from a typical school setting for students who are very lucky to possess such a privilege. Whether students turn left or right, there’s bound to be great options either way.