Senior students share “13 World Love Stories”


Andrea Giacomini, Reporter and Art

Everyone experiences love in their lives, whether it is silly or serious. Love is versatile, felt for friends, family and significant others.

While Valentine’s Day has become known as a “Hallmark Holiday,” the day still represents the most important force in the world: love. And that is still worth celebrating.

In honor of that notion, here’s a collection of “13 Word Love Stories” from students, who share their experiences with young love.

“I ‘accidentally’ told my freshman boyfriend that I loved him, then I cried.”

Alicea Baylacq

“The first time I went to his house, we took pictures with goats.”

Kirsty Star

“She was attacked by bugs, her eye was swollen shut, still looked hot.”

Owen Waite

“For dinner we had Panda Express and after he yakked on Heart Hill.”

Yasmine Lunar

“My boyfriend and I like playing competitive tongue tag; it gets pretty intense.”

Tori Brown

“I knew I loved her when she threw up all over my shoes.”

Connor Moynihan