Mauro’s wins pizza showdown over Stefano’s


Photo by Jayden Enclade

A quiet afternoon at Mauro’s Pasta and Pizzeria

Jayden Enclade, Reporter

Stefano’s Pizza or Mauro’s Pasta and Pizza remains an ongoing debate between pizza lovers. Since Stefano’s Pizza opened in San Anselmo last winter, there have been disputes between students regarding which pizza joint is superior. These quick convenient restaurants are the main two pizza options for students and both have strong upsides.

Located in downtown San Anselmo, Stefano’s has a comfortable and casual feel with booth seating. During lunch parking can be an issue because downtown tends to be crowded. Don’t count on being back to school on time.

Only $5.50 for a slice and a small fountain drink, each topping option of Stefano’s pizza by the slice is very tasty, whether pepperoni, sausage, Hawaiian, or cheese. While they are delicious, the style of the crust is very thin. So it often tends to be more of a snack then lunch.

“When you go to Stefano’s you’ve got to get the ranch; it’s nothing without it” senior Zev Eifler said.

While Stefano’s has brought excitement to many students, Mauro’s still remains as the unknown and premier pizza option for students.

Located on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Fairfax, Mauro’s offers a variety of slices from pepperoni to chicken pesto for only $3.50 a slice. The all meat slice with pepperoni and sausage is my favorite because I’m a meat kind of guy. The wait staff heats the slice before adding delicious shreds of parmesan cheese.

Mauro’s also has large breadsticks for only 50 cents each that are fresh during lunch hours.

Along with the pizza, other Italian dishes are offered to choose from that make a great family dinner. Including salads, spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, and my personal favorite, lasagna.

“It is rich in flavor and just melts in your mouth. Really takes you back to Italy.” senior Quincy Smith said.

I recommend each restaurant and both deserve a try, but when it comes to which is better, I have got to give the edge to Mauro’s. The overall taste of the slice puts it over the top.