Sexist dress code raises student questions

Skylar Oswald , Ads & Business

Sometimes, winging it isn’t the best idea. On the first day of school, Benny Dalporto was excited to start the new year. “Energy and enthusiasm filled the school all day.” he said.

After reconnecting with friends, listening to speakers and eating a lunch hosted by the school, administrators asked students to sit with their grade for a brief assembly before the rally.

Subsequent to being notified that a guest speaker was running late, assistant principal Chad Stuart decided to kill time.

With good intention, Stewart went out on a limb, winged it, and reminded students of the dress code policy.

This short talk confused students and created interest in the topic.

Students felt that it completely changed the excited mood of the day. Chloe Mansbridge feels it targeted only girls.

“It put me in a bad mood and made me annoyed. He went on and on about what we couldn’t wear. He was saying the dress code was for everyone, but it obviously was only for girls.” she said.

The main argument Stuart made is that violating the code distracts students and teachers.

However enforcing the dress code seems even more distracting than the actual attire given the emphasis on what students wear.

The student handbook on every school’s website in the Tamalpais Union School District clearly states that shoes and shirts must be worn, students cannot wear short-cropped and low-cut tanks that expose the stomach or chest, or “extremely short” shorts and skirts.

“The main problem with this dress policy is that there is no specification about what constitutes low-cut or extremely short.” said junior Kate McCarthy.

Students at Redwood and Tam percieve enforcement of the dress code to be inconsistent.

Kendall Racich from Redwood High School “has never heard of anyone getting dresscoded. I have never seen it happen once. People wear spandex to school here.” she said.

Junior at Tam High School Samantha Sternfels says the dress code is barely enforced there.

“Some teachers try to enforce it, but only when you can see people’s privates. Other than that, teachers just ask student to cover up but they wouldn’t send you to the office.” she said.