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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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A recycling retrospective and its status at Drake

Jack Reuter, Sports Editor November 7, 2019

Ben Franklin once said, “The only certainties in life are death and taxes.” Now it seems plastic is a close third. Following plastic’s exponential rise, it's important to look back on the history...

“Ghostbusters” (2016) can’t compare to its predecessor

Aler Giffin , Arts and Entertainment Editor November 7, 2019

“Ghostbusters” (2016) is a modernized version of the original, made to fit gender and racial norms that are in our society today. The plot falls along the same lines as the original but doesn’t have...

“A Clockwork Orange” is disturbing beyond words

Adelina Merrell, Reporter November 7, 2019

“A Clockwork Orange” had its debut back in 1971, gaining notoriety for its disturbing imagery and seemingly thoughtless violence. Because of this film, it seems that people are more accustomed to violence...

Cage The Elephant’s “Social Cues” is impressive

Adelina Merrell, Reporter November 1, 2019

Cage the Elephant has impressed yet again. Their new LP, Social Cues features lead vocalist Matt Schultz singing melodies that bring back the style of albums past. Although some rhythms and drums are similar...

A look back on “Taxi Driver”

Otis Hixon, Music Reviewer October 31, 2019

What happens to someone constantly shunned by society, mistreated and misunderstood? What happens to people who are different? These are the questions asked in Martin Scorsese’s psychological thriller...

Climate change movement widening political divide

Climate change movement widening political divide

Nick Anthony, Arts & Entertainment Editor October 31, 2019
The loudest and most prominent climate change activists reject proposed solutions because the solutions operate under a system they deem unjust.

The ubiquity of the Hydro Flask

Alexandra Fry, Features Editor October 31, 2019

“I wanted something that was well insulated that can keep for many years,” senior Jasmyn Jansen said of her water bottle. A red, sticker-covered Hydro Flask.  A new subculture, the representation...

Wolfenstein Youngbloods waltzes its way into okay

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor October 31, 2019

Wolfenstein Youngblood’s 15-hour long quest did not impress. While it had all the basic elements of action and a storyline, the game lacked compelling characters and satisfying free-range gameplay.  Wolfenstein...

The damage has been done

Jeannette West, Reporter October 31, 2019

In light of the recent protests, strikes and public outcry regarding climate change, scientists say we still have a fighting chance, but even if we mitigate climate change tomorrow, the damage will last...

Popular clothing company helps save the environment

Popular clothing company helps save the environment

Sarah Barsky, Opinion Editor October 24, 2019

It’s Autumn now. With cold breezes replacing the hot summer air, it’s time to exchange our summer clothes with warmer outfits. Coat companies like REI, North Face and Eddie Bauer fill our mailboxes...

Promoting environmental and human health awareness through veganism 

Promoting environmental and human health awareness through veganism 

Melissa Auchard, Editor in Chief October 23, 2019
“Our use of animals as a food production technology has brought us to the verge of catastrophe. The greenhouse gas footprint of animal agriculture rivals that of every car, truck, bus, ship, airplane, and rocket ship combined. There is no pathway to achieve the Paris climate objectives without a massive decrease in the scale of animal agriculture,”
Protesters of all ages line up along the street in San Rafael with signs

Youth climate strikers demand change

Kelsey Riemer, Design Editor October 20, 2019

A truck with a large exhaust pipe drives through a sea of student climate change protesters in downtown San Rafael, belching fumes into the crowd. This irony begs the question of what impact youth action...

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