Classes get soft with senior pranks in recent years


Walden Reed

Senior pranks have been a staple in high schools for years, a way for the senior class to come together one last time and have some fun causing chaos throughout the school. Some countries, such as Australia, the UK, and some others even have a name for this day, muck-up day. defines a senior prank as a type of organized prank pulled by the senior class of a school, college, or university to cause chaos throughout the institution.

There haven’t been any great senior pranks during my time in high school, however, there have been in the past. One of the weakest attempts at a “prank” was last year when a couple of seniors brought their dogs to school.

The year before they just ran through the campus with water guns drenching the rest of the classes. Funny but once again not really a “prank.”

My freshman year the seniors had a similar idea as well, hurling water balloons in the parking lot. Somewhat dangerous, especially since one of the kids throwing them at you was drafted into the MLB the next year.

Even though these three classes dropped the ball on their senior pranks, some classes here have devised and executed funny, harmless pranks that did cause a kerfuffle. The rest of these pranks are the recollections of Millie Heim and former custodian Robert Amaral now at Tam.

The class of ‘93 put a goat in the Student Center, funny and quite harmless. Oh, except for the fact that the class had to steal the goat.

Other classes triumphed with their clever approach. Creating a wall in the main corridor right in front of the office forced everyone to go around. For however long it took them to remove it, the main exit and entrance were unusable.

One class got access to a Devonshire classroom at night and moved everything to the courtyard and placed them in the same position. I assume they got to have class outside the next day, certainly a success.

One rumor of a senior prank I always heard about was that a class put a live shark in the pool. Thanks to former custodian Robert Amaral who confirmed this as true. However, the shark died and they were forced to shut down the pool for 24 hours.

Amaral also recalled one class put a mattress in the pool, which once again forced a pool closure for 24 hours.

One class threw their shoes in the senior tree for their prank. Funny, however, when another class tried putting a bike rack and stairs in the senior tree it didn’t garner the same reaction. These seniors didn’t see the danger in putting heavy objects above a popular hangout area.

One of the more clever senior pranks was blowing up a mattress in an APs office with a dummy so it would appear that the AP was sleeping in his office. Another class took it a little farther by filling Millie Heim’s office with cardboard.

A few other solid pranks that deserve recognition on this list are, one year a class placed little green army men all over the campus. Another hung crepe paper all the way from the end of the main corridor to the office.

The class of ‘00 executed the best senior prank probably in the school’s history. They placed thousands of Dixie cups, halfway full of water, like dominoes throughout the main office so you couldn’t step foot inside without knocking over the cups.