New ASB and Peer Resource Admission Process

Multiple changes to the Peer Resource and ASB admission processes are in place for next year’s classes.

Students now will have to submit a written application answering questions tailored to the different programs. The advisor then will review the applications and set up interviews for interested students. The interview committees, composed of senior students currently in the class, administrators, and the class advisor, will then make a formal recommendation as to who should be admitted, leaving the final decision to the advisor.

“I want to make sure that any student on this campus knows that they have the opportunity to be involved in these outstanding programs. It makes me sad that we can’t have 150 kids in these programs and it is my job as principal of this school to make sure that every kid can at least try to be a part.” Seabury said.

In years past underclassmen students who are currently in the classes were asked to sit on the interview committee and had a different application process. Now, students currently in the classes have to reapply through the general application pool.