Pizza fanatic searches for the best cheese pizza


Walden Reed

Hannah Levenson, Hook Editor

When most people think of love triangles, they think about the drama of Hollywood’s hottest couples, but I always think of pizza, the one thing that I care about above all else.

So, I set out to find the best cheese pizza that the

San Anselmo-Fairfax area has to offer. Here’s what I found.


Conveniently located in the Red HIll Shopping Center in San Anselmo, Pizzalina is the perfect spot to sit down to enjoy a meal.

The restaurant has a sophisticated ambience, as if it is almost trying too hard to be fancy. I mean, a standard cheese pizza is called a “marinara” pizza.

However, pretentious name aside, I was excited to receive my pizza, which left me even more disappointed when my food


Although the sauce had a nice flavor and the cheese was stringy, the portion was very small, as if the chef thought that I needed to go on a diet. Plus, the crust was overly thin, which made the pizza soggy and slightly unappetizing.

Considering that my pizza was $13, I had expected more. I left Pizzalina feeling deceived and hungry.

Mauro’s Pasta and Pizza

Located on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Mauro’s serves up tasty Italian favorites. My pizza was baked right when I ordered it, which made it taste fresher than other pizzerias where the pizzas sit around for a while.

However, it took around 20 minutes for the pizza to be done, so it is best to plan around this if you ever order pizza here.

Although the crust was slightly doughy, I did not see it as being a big setback.

Overall, I was impressed by my food. The sauce was well-seasoned and there was a good ratio of sauce to cheese.

Mauro’s may not be the best place to go if you want a sit-down meal, since there are not many tables.

Good Earth Natural Foods

I enjoyed my pizza from Good Earth’s Fairfax location on Broadway. My main complaints were that the cheese wasn’t as stretchy as I would have liked and the sauce wasn’t evenly distributed across the whole pizza.

However, everything was seasoned well, and it was a great slice of pizza that I would get again. When you want to grab some pizza to go, Good Earth is a convenient place to go since the pizza is self-serve.

It is also a great place to go people-watching to spot some pretty out-there hippies, which is just about the best atmosphere that you could ask for in my book.

Ghiringhelli’s Pizzeria

Located on Broadway in downtown Fairfax, Ghiringhelli’s is one of my go-to destinations when I want some pizza.

Whether you want to grab some pizza to go or you want to have a casual sit-down meal, Ghiringhelli’s is the perfect place to go.

The service here is always fast, and the employees are helpful and accommodating.

The pizza is reasonably priced, with a small pizza costing around $13. Athough the pizza from

Pizzalina is the same price, this pizza is worth the money, and it never leaves me disappointed.

I’ll definitely go back to

Ghiringhelli’s again soon without any hesitation.

Red Boy Pizza

Basically the designated caterer of kids’ birthday parties, Red Boy has restaurants all across the Bay Area, with the nearest location in Fairfax on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard.

The pizza here is mediocre at best. I would describe it as the being the The Fault in our Stars of pizzas, in the sense that it was very unmemorable and bland. There was nothing horribly wrong about it, but there was nothing remarkable about it either.

A 10 inch cheese pie costs about $11, which is relatively inexpensive compared to most other pizzerias in the area, but to me, the pizza wasn’t worth the money.

However, if I do not pay for it and I am offered some of their pizza, then by all means I would take a slice (or three) because you can never go wrong with pizza.