Jac Craig navigates college applications alongside family, friends, and AVID


Ezra Thaler

Senior Jai Craig focuses on their college applications, utilizing school resources to stay on top of things.

The college application process is complicated and daunting, from searching for the perfect school to writing countless essays. Senior Jac Craig is currently in the process, utilizing Archie Williams resources to guide them through their journey to the school that will best fit them.

Jac joined AVID their freshman year; since then, AVID has assisted them in choosing classes, looking at colleges, and preparing for college applications. AVID’s connection with the school helped Jac grow closer to the Archie Williams College and Career Specialist  Lisa Neumaier, and feels comfortable going to her with questions beyond AVID’s knowledge.

“AVID is a great resource for calming the nerves that college applications bring. They advise me on ways to tweak my essays for the best college admissions results,” Jac said. 

Jac started looking at schools at the beginning of their junior year and has cultivated their college list with the assistance of family, friends, and AVID teacher Kathleen McCormick. 

“I started thinking about what places I would want to go and started talking to my family about their thoughts on possible locations,” Jac said. “My dad was in the military so my tuition is waived at the California state and UC schools. I talked about that with them and said, ‘Let’s make sure I’m only applying to places where my tuition can be waived.’” 

Jac knows about private college counselors but has never felt the need for one, as their parents and AVID teachers are always ready to answer questions, help them with decisions, and hold them accountable to deadlines.

“The minute I joined AVID freshman year, Ms. McCormick became my private college counselor. I also found so many other communities and resources on campus and through my family and friends. I have various aunts and uncles who went to different colleges all across the United States… I can ask them any questions,” Jac said. “I would say you don’t need a college counselor, especially with all the other resources that I’ve personally found, but everyone’s story is different.”

As Jac continues their college application process, they will turn to their family, Neumaier, and McCormick for assistance. Jac feels confident with their support system.