Students welcome new class presidents


Jai Coyote

Brody Rhodes and Avery Hinkleman

AWHS welcomed this year’s newly elected class presidents. Co-senior class presidents, Jack Long and Micah Sher, alongside junior class president Brody Rhodes, and sophomore class president Avery Hinkleman, hope to continue to unify AWHS students. 

Senior class president Jack Long helps engineering students paint a wall during tutorial. (Jai Coyote)

 In preparation for the 2022-2023 school year, the AWHS class presidents planned an array of activities to optimize student interest. They plan on scheduling activities, ranging from beach days to class dinners, in an effort to bridge gaps among social groups.

 Both senior co-class presidents Jack and Micah look forward to arranging activities and get-togethers. In addition to allowing seniors to decorate their parking spots, they want to plan movie nights throughout the school year.

“We hope that these events will bring the senior class together and elevate our senior class as examples to the rest of the school,” Jack said.

Jack Long (Jai Coyote)

 Jack, a co-founder of the Water Conservation Club and founder of the Maps and Flags Club, is an avid cross country runner. He is also a co-captain of the AWHS mock trial team. 

Micah is a member of AWHS varsity water polo team, and varsity swim team. He says wants to be a leader in the community that anyone can come to if they need help 

“I want to help people have fun and be a leader in the community,” Micah said.

Junior class president Brody hopes he can support his peers in and out of school. For the junior class, they can expect beach days and a possible scavenger hunt. 

“I want to bring our class closer together so we can have a great junior and senior year,” Brody said. 

Junior class president Brody Rhodes is a part of ASAP leadership and AWHS school dance troupe.

Micah Sher (Jai Coyote)

Avery, sophomore class president, says she “can’t wait to get to know the sophomore class.” Avery wants to host school events so she can continue to learn about people in her grade. 

Avery Hinkleman swims and plays water polo along with being a part of AWHS ASAP leadership. 

AWHS class presidents hope to support students throughout the rest of the school year.