Club days highlights unique student interests


Luca Roy

Students stop at different club booths during lunch on Sept. 8th.

To kick off a new year of clubs at AWHS, ASB organized “club days” on Sept. 8 and 9. Held during the lunch period, students browsed different booths to see what clubs they may want to join for the 2022-2023 school year.

Due to virtual club meetings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, club participation at AWHS plummeted. However, when in-person learning returned in 2021, club-wide meetings and activities resumed, and sign-ups for clubs soared. 

Senior Aiden Mann founded the Water Conservation Club (Instagram) to work with like-minded peers and to share his passion for water conservation. 

“I really wanted to empower myself and empower other students, and I really wanted to make a difference for this community’s [environmental awareness and water management],” Aiden said. 

Junior Aidan Silva learns about the Mock Trial Club at their booth. (Luca Roy)

Aiden and his co-president, Senior Jack Long, passed out water-efficient shower heads, shower timers, and other items supplied by the Marin Water Municipal District. Piquing students’ interests, the club garnered more signatures than expected.

“I got around 24 signatures in the span of the first five minutes, which is insane compared to last year,” Aiden said. 

The Water Conservation Club ended up with roughly 110 sign-ups after both days. 

Aiden wasn’t the only one with a lot of sign-ups this year. Sophomore Dylan Grimmer, founder and president of the new Surf Club (Instagram), amassed nearly 40 sign-ups on the Sept. 8 club day. 

Sophmores Sage Crawford and Anthony Skerrett supervise sign-ups for Surf Club. (Luca Roy)

 “I wanted to have a space where a bunch of kids who love surfing could come together and make a community and help each other progress,” Dylan said. 

Surf Club plans to conduct official meetings twice a month at lunch, and will gather at various nearby beaches to practice surfing after school. Dylan hopes to help surfers find new friends to share their sport during the school year.

“I felt like a lot of people in the area surf, but none of them really surf together,” Dylan said. 

AWHS will hold another club day during the spring semester, where students can again decide to become part of a club.