Athlete’s of the Week

Alex Bassett

As the only freshman on the girls varsity basketball team, Alex Bassett not only proves herself varsity worthy, but also stands out as an excellent addition to the team.

She occupies the starting position as the power forward and currently leads the team in points (5.1 a game), rebounds (5.6 a game), and blocks (9 a game).

“She definitely deserves to be recognized ANGISCO as the Athlete of the Month because she’s the only freshman on varsity, and she works really hard to be a better player,” co-captain Molly Davisson said.

In several other sports, freshmen may be looked down upon by the top athletes and returners. Yet Bassett, who has proven herself time after time, couldn’t receive any more respect from her fellow basketball players.

“She busts her butt and never gives up on a play,” Coach Malik Wyrick said. “That’s the kind of energy we need for a high school team.”

Bassett will only continue to improve as she matures, and she has the potential to turn the below average girls program around with three years of varsity playing ahead of her.

“Tm excited about my future here at Drake. Although we have started slow so far this season, we have the ability to win a majority of our upcoming games and possibly even have a chance at making playoffs. Also, we only lose three seniors at the end of this year and our experience will hopefully help us act as major contenders in league next year,” Bassett said.

Morgan Sabia

Junior, Morgan Sabia has already provided the basketball team with more than anyone could have imagined. One of three juniors to make the team, Sabia has surpassed expectation. When Sabia made the team along with only wto other sophomores last season, he hardly expected to play, let alone start.

“Morgan strives to make every player on our team improve. He is one of the smartest players, you will rarely see him make a mistake,” senior Spencer Gapinski said.

The Marin Independent Journal predicts that Sabia will finish as a member of the All MCAL first-team, occupying the spot at the center position, and is being considered for MCAL player of the year.

On the season, Sabia is averaging 11.3 points, 3.4 blocks, and leads the league with 9.5 rebounds per game.

Sabia takes his role on the team seriously, and tries to help his teammates out in any way possible.

“I try to be a leader by helping everyone on the team under stand all of our plays and where to be on the court,” Sabia said.

However, basketball skills are only part of his leadership; he acts as a role model for everyone on his team.

“Morgan is a coach’s dream. He listens, learns, and applies his knowledge on the court. Not only rebounding, does he lead our team in scoring and blocked shots, he also represents our program with class and dignity. He has earned the respect of our coaching staff, teammates, and opponents,” Coach Doug Donnellan said.