Girls JV soccer crushes San Marin in first home game of season


Elliot Smith

Sophomore Kaia Yudice, #19, scoring the second goal of the game on San Marin.

The AWHS girls Junior Varsity (JV) soccer team played their second game of the season on Saturday, Dec. 4 against San Marin High School. The girls effortlessly gained a victory over San Marin with a score of 3-0 at the chilly AWHS field. 

After Saturday’s game, the girls are undefeated 2-0. Coach Tom Higgins is impressed with the girls’ quick improvement and skill. 

“I think the game went well, we played well both defensively and offensively,” Higgins said.

AWHS kept the ball primarily on the San Marin side, gaining optimal control over the game.

“We controlled the game for probably 80 percent of the match, it was a solid game,” Higgins said.

Sophomore Simone Pringle, #17, fights for the ball against San Marin’s player. (Elliot Smith)

Freshman Caroline Lozaw, sophomore Kaia Yudice, and sophomore Emma Freed, scored goals for AWHS. All of the goals were impressive yet expected, as all three girls heavily immersed themselves throughout the game, constantly gaining ownership of the ball.

“I’m thankful that I made the goal, it was really exciting,” Kaia said.

Kaia is proud of the team’s growth as well, and excited about the bond they are growing on and off of the field.

“I think the game went really well and we worked well as a team, we really connected passes,” Kaia said.

AWHS’ two goalies, freshman Belen Hitchcock and freshman Kennedy Dusing, split the job, Kennedy in the first half and Belen in the second. The girls expertly kicked every ball out of the goal box, ultimately leading to the 3-0 win.

Co-Captain, junior Erin Bregenzer, is proud of the team and sees them advancing in teamwork and skill. Erin has been on the AWHS JV team for two years and is excited about the team’s success.

“Our team has really worked well on communication and we have really good possession of the ball, we’re just going uphill from here,” Erin said.

With AWHS dominating the field on Saturday, the girls JV players anticipate a promising remainder of the season.