Girls junior varsity soccer punts into pre-season, loses to West County


Corina Karr

#28, sophomore Pip Deery Devine, keeping the ball away from the opposing team.

The AWHS girls junior varsity soccer team kicked off their first preseason game on Thursday, Nov. 18, in Sebastopol against West County High School. With the Falcons close game ending in a score of 2-1 in favor of West County, the Falcons gave the game their all.  

#10, frosh Caroline Lozaw, kicking and keeping the ball away from the opponent.

It was a chilly and dark evening, yet the field lights were so bright and the team spirit so loud that it felt like a scene from a movie. The girls shouted directions to each other and kicked the ball up and down the field with vigor. 

 Despite AWHS’s loss, the teams were evenly matched and kept each other on their toes, resulting in only three goals being scored throughout the entire 70-minute match.

AWHS goalie, freshman Kennedy Dunsing, effortlessly blocked countless balls from the goal with impressive catches, causing not a single goal to be scored by the opposing team during the first half. It was not until the final minutes of the second half that West County scored their winning goal.

Striker, sophomore Cecilia Cooper, scored AWHS’s sole goal within the first five minutes of the game with an impressive mid-air shot. The team went wild with congratulations, demonstrating their strong team spirit.

“It was cool to have scored in the first five, I think it brought some excitement to the team,” Cecilia said. 

Despite their recent formation, the team’s growing communication and bond is already commendable. It’s sophomore Annie Pon’s first season as JV captain and second on JV altogether, and she’s consistently pumping up the team with encouragement using her friendly spirit.

The Falcons getting into spirit while doing their halftime cheer, preparing to go back onto the field. (Corina Karr)

“We still need to work on communication, but for being so fresh it’s pretty good. I like that everyone is cheering each other on and communicating about plays on the field,” Annie said. 

The team is sizable, with freshmen, sophomore, and junior teammates. This year, JV players truly fought for their spots on the team, as there is now the new “academy” team which ranks below both varsity and JV.

The girls, while disappointed in their loss, are optimistic because the close score proved that they truly are a strong team with a bright potential to take future victories.

“Everyone’s been really good with passing and not being selfish with the ball, it opens up more shots,” said sophomore midfielder Bea Sharp. “I’m very excited for what this year has to bring, and to get connected with new teammates because there are alot of new freshmen.”

#28, sophomore Pip Deery Devine throwing the ball in after it was kicked out by the opposing team. (Corina Karr)

Now that the AWHS girls JV team has scrimmaged against another school in the preseason, they proceed forward with determination in preparation for the upcoming winter season. With strong, fast, and energetic players, the team has a promising season ahead of them.