Possible calendar changes to the 2020-2021 school year


Fiona Nudd

Teacher Jasper Thelin reads the school rules and safety codes packet, which was being passed around the room for approval.

Last Wednesday, February 12th, The Drake Leadership Council (DLC), the school’s site council, met to discuss next year’s possible calendar change. 

Fiona Nudd
The committee votes to pass an agenda item.

The group talked about the calendar for the next school year, 2020-2021. Drake is in session for precisely the number of days they are legally required to be. If Drake has to close for environmental, health, or safety reasons, they need to make up the days. In the case of this, the district has set up two extra ‘possibility’ days for the end of the year. In the case that Drake has to take two additional days off, finals will be pushed back one day (with no hindrance to seniors, graduation will be the same), and the final day will be a teacher workday. If the school closes for one day, then one backup day will be used, and it will be a teacher workday. Senior Kaliah Wood said she thought the days would probably be used, saying “I think it’s likely that the extra days will be added due to California’s high likelihood of fire, but it’s only two days. People can cope, just plan trips around it.”