Weezer’s newest album won’t disappoint

Weezer’s latest song “End of the Game” doesn’t let listeners down, as the song intertwines the vibe of their past songs with a newer, fresher feel. It calls back the sound of old classic rock, and morphs it into a modern version, making it a great song to listen to whenever you need motivation.

The band Weezer was prominent in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with hits like “Buddy Holly” or “Island in the Sun.” They continue to make new hits, even after many years, unlike many other bands.

“End of the Game” is the first song released from Weezer’s fourteenth (and newest) album, “Van Weezer,” on Sept. 10. This new album is being released on May 15 of next year. From hearing but a sample of what is to come, we can only expect an exceptional result.

The track makes listeners get caught up in the music. It inspires a feeling of euphoria and wonder through its catchy beat and joyous sound. From the fast-paced guitar in the background to the innovative electronic pulse, it all combines to make a new sound.

“End of the Game” starts with a guitar riff that gives off the initial feel of a hard rock song, but then morphs into a faster-paced alternative rock (alt-rock) song. Without a good flow, this transition wouldn’t have worked, but Weezer pulled it off well. The band’s ability to execute tough transitions made the track more interesting than most alt-rock or hard rock songs.

Throughout the song, there are many noticeable changes in the style of the music and feel. Weezer’s headman Rivers Cuomo said that the song had around one hundred different guitar tracks. This addition seems to fit with the song and actually improve it. This solidifies the production of the song as beyond satisfactory for me.

From the advanced production to the positive vibe of the song, I would say that Weezer’sEnd of the Game” did nothing but impress. I would give the song a four out of five stars.