M83 Brings Nostalgia to Synth-Pop Genre


M83’s new album DSVII – Digital Shades Vol.2, released on Sept. 20th, pays tribute to soundtracks of classic video games and ambient instrumentals. The LP follows their last album, Digital Shades Vol.1, released 12 years ago. DSVII’s sounds create an ethereal approach and are a satisfying stylistic sequel to the rhythmic patterns on Digital Shades Vol. 1. Anthony Gonzoles, the lead of M83, revealed his talents as a composer, using his unique style, synths, and percussion. 

12 years ago, Digital Shades Vol.1 provided an ambient atmosphere utilized in an emotional soundscape. The sounds “Coloring The Void”  and  “The Highest Journey” gave the listener the perfect illustration of Gonzoles’ work. DSVII takes more of a percussion-focused approach, with a video game style soundtrack and personal inspiration from Gonzales’ childhood.

The masterpiece of DSVII gives an insight into Gonzoles’ growth as a composer: “Colonies” and “Oh Yes You’re There, Everyday” is the perfect demonstration of the classic video game style inspiration. The lifting “A Word Of Wisdom”  and “A Taste Of Dust” follow the nostalgic sound of M83 “Outro” from their album hurry up, we’re dreaming.

DSVII brings together satisfying sounds and develops Anthony Gonzoles’ work. The psychedelic ebb and flow of DSVII’s sound captivates the listener and transports them back to Gonzoles’ 80’s childhood. The LP is similar to 80’s New Wave music and more recently,  the soundtrack of Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch.” I would recommend DSVII to both fans of M83 and 80’s music in general.