SEA-DISC to restore local creek

Ever wondered what’s underneath the Devonshire Bridge? According to SEA-DISC, there are myriad invasive plants, channelization of the creek, and faltering ecosystems.

“Channelization of the creek, which prevents flooding of the town by altering the route of the creek, decreases the amount of vegetation which increases erosion. It also decreases the biodiversity of the plants which makes the ecosystem less adaptable to harsh changes. It’s not really pollution of the creek but it’s human caused alteration of the natural course of the creek,” said Juliana Romano-Silverstein, a  SEA-DISC senior. 

However, this issue is being addressed by SEA-DISC, an 11/12 grade academy which focuses on environmental issues and social justice. 

For the first ten weeks of this year, SEA-DISC students will work with local environmental companies to restore the Sleepy Hollow Creek. 

“When the creek floods in the winter, it damages the creek. We are focusing on restoring the steelhead trout species because they are a big staple to the ecosystem her,” said SEA-DISC junior Sophia Riemer. 

Their goal is to locate and remove invasive plants and locate native plants to keep, so that the vegetation along the creek benefits native animal species.

“A lot of the side of the creek has been eroding, so we are trying to mend that back together,” Riemer said.