Girls’ varsity volleyball goes net to net against Novato


Toby Gibbons

Charlotte Cosentino prepares to follow through on her impressive serve on Friday 9/20

Drake High School was host to an exciting game this Friday night as the girls’ varsity volleyball team showcased their well-fostered teamwork against Novato.

The first set seemed to go by in a whirlwind, the crowd drawn in by the fluidity of the players. The girls immediately found their groove and were able to set the tone for the game, winning their first match 25-16.

Charlotte Cosentino, the libero, contributed largely to the remarkable defense that withheld through all three sets. With this defense, MC scored an average of 15 points in the remaining two sets.

A significant contributing factor to their victory was the avid communication they continuously utilized, which Junior Madie Butler says stems from the friendship among the girls. 

“The team is pretty close, and even though it’s towards the beginning of the year, everyone gets along well, which translates to great communication on the court,” Butler said.

As a new addition to the team, sophomore Olivia Dow made her debut following her transfer from Redwood and proved to be a great asset to the team. As a setter, she leads the offense swiftly, consistently delivering throughout the game.

“We went into this game with a lot of confidence, and since we had that mindset, we were really able to try new things and take risks,” junior Abby Rosen said.