Canteen creates buzz among students


Liana Merrell

Has your stomach been rumbling during class recently? Wander into the Canteen during break or lunch and catch up on surprising menu changes starting this fall.

Despite changes, such as the removal of the slushy machine and ice cream, many popular items like breakfast sandwiches and pizza remain. There is also the new addition of donuts to the menu this year, which is surprising to customers.

According to Canteen Supervisor Vicki Llaverias, this is all due to district budget cuts. In August, the Canteen experienced a shortage of staff, resulting in having no one to run the snack bar in the morning. 

“The income is going down because the snack bar is closed and because we’re not selling as many lunches as we did last year,” said Llaverias.

In addition, some students’ dietary preferences may be more difficult to identify, given that the gluten-free and vegetarian labels on foods have been eliminated as a result of lack of funding.

When asked what she liked about this year’s menu compared to last year’s, sophomore Eva Lind-White said, “They have more kinds of pizza, which I think is nice because before they only had cheese and pepperoni.”

Although it may take some adjusting to the new menu, the Canteen still continues to serve up variety and nutrition.