Student muses about senior status

Chris Carlucci , Reporter

There is a reason 12th graders get their own tree, a reason why they should have priority parking, or seating, or why they should be the first into dances and rallies. Each might be their last one.
It still seems surreal to be called a senior.

Finally we are the ones telling the freshmen how, if you’re not careful, high school can pass you by. Don’t get me wrong, time in the SLCs went slow enough, none of us feel shorted by the time there.

Maybe it feels surreal because underclassmen sometimes occupy the senior tree. Or, maybe it feels unreal because juniors who don’t have a year on their licenses have carpool spots closer to the front than many seniors. Or maybe it’s just the fact that high school goes by faster than any of us could have planned.

Yes, time has gone by quickly, and any decision made this year, whether it be four year school, community college, trade school, gap year,working, or unplanned is daunting and seemingly impossible.

We could write the 100th article on how frustrating and nerve racking college applications are, for the juniors and underclassmen to try and understand the feeling, but seniors are just sick of it. Sick of the daily questions, duties, frustrations, stressors, and disappointments that naturally come our way this year.

And the next time a senior territorialized the tree, think about how that same day, they may have to hit the submit button and finally apply for their dream school, the one with a 13 percent acceptance rate.

Don’t get me wrong. It is also the responsibility of the seniors to welcome and encourage the freshmen to be a part of the school, and to prepare the juniors for the next step.

But forgive us if it takes us a while to help out, as the shiney new trinkets given to the eldest grade are coveted prizes we have only begun to unwrap; we’ll be seniors soon enough.