Drama department prepares for a semester of productions

Skylar Oswald, Ads and Business

David Smith, head of the Drama department for 27 years, is preparing his students for a semester full of productions. Smith has produced plays authored by Shakespeare and Monty Python in outdoor and indoor venues.

Senior Brianna Cady enjoys the class and recommends students take it.

“The overall atmosphere of my drama class is enthusiastic, and everyone always seems to be happy. It’s one of those classes that I actually look forward to attending when I wake up for school. I don’t think anybody ever leaves that class with a bad attitude.” Cady said

The productions for this fall semester all begin at 7 p.m. and consist of Plan 9 from Outer Space, the Musical and according to Smith “it is based on the worst movie ever made.” This production will take place Nov. 1-4.

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen is a dramatic comedy based on the Dungeons & Dragons game, and this production will take place Nov. 14-16.

“We are based on a huge variety of styles. A normal day for us is a combination of exploration, laughter and art, an important part of society.” Smith said.

Smith wants students to explore what it is to be an artist, to hold humanity in their hands, and to laugh with each other.

“The best part of drama for me is probably rehearsals because it’s fun watching everyone get really into their role and seeing them transform in a way.” Cady said.

Students often ask if Smith is retiring soon. According to Smith this is not the year, perhaps in a couple of years.

“Come see our shows. Never assume you know what you will see. As human being, we have the skill to change. Art can change us,” Smith said.