Seniors reminisce on best high school memories

Skylar Oswald, Ads & Business

As the graduating class of 2018 approaches the end of their high school career, seniors recalled their fondest experiences throughout high school.

“The Drake vs. MC basketball game freshman year.”
-Quinn Woodhead

“Winning NCS for golf when I was a sophomore.”
-Charlie Gallagher

“The crowd at our NCS water polo game senior year.”
-Spencer Hanson

“Freshman year when I used to make fun of Quinn and say he wouldn’t get into Stanford.”
-Brendan Corr

“Beating Redwood three times this year in volleyball.”
-Ryan Anderson

“Junior year on Earth Day when all the students had a full on dance party on the lawn to the song “Dancing Queen” from Mamma Mia.”
-Luka Marks

“Sophomore year when we were all locked on the field for hours because the fire alarm kept going off.”
-Claire Castrejon

“For my promposal to Maggie junior year, I did a music video cover to “Ignition” in front of all of ASB.”
-Austin Clack

“The senior SEA-DISC camping trip where we hiked Wednesday night and came back to school the next day.”
-Sophie Heimerdinger

“Lena taking my scooter.”
-Payton Trombley