Promposals, a creative way to ask out

Teresa Leida, Reporter

If it wasn’t even enough to be stressed out selecting the right dress or tuxedo, shoes, hair, makeup and nails for prom while students complete school work, commit to college, and prepare for AP tests, upperclassmen create elaborate invitations to prom. Below are examples of their creative ways to ask someone to the dance.

Juniors Chris Carlucci and Ellie Barber planned a brunch date and on the way they stopped at Carlucci’s house. His friends came running out of his house, turned music on, and began singing a parody to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars to invite Barber.

Junior Otis Lyons took Emily Kassner-Marks to Scoop and bought her favorite ice cream complete with his invitation in chocolate chips.


Junior Griffin Finnane took junior Betsy Woodward to the beach and gave her a potato carved with the word prom. After that he held up a poster inviting Woodward to be his date.

Junior Nick Serran went to the parking lot with junior Payton Alonzo where he gave her flowers, chocolate and a ball saying  “I will have a ball with you if you come to prom with me”