Student appears in long running TV drama

Skylar Oswald, Ads & Business

Some would call him a TLC legend. People may see him biking down Sir Francis Drake after school or in the halls between classes; some might’ve heard about his hilarious Instagram account. (@notaidanwalter)

What many students don’t know is that junior Aidan Walter was an actor on Grey’s Anatomy broadcast on ABC.

It all started at Walter’s grandma’s house. His mom pointed out that he was a skilled liar, and that he told jokes often.

She suggested that he could start acting because she had some friends in the business. He then signed up to an agency, where he had many successful auditions.

In 2010, Walter appeared on the season six episode “Push.” He played a young boy named Noah with a tumor on his appendix. He performed in a hospital admission scene, a surgery scene and a recovery scene.

“I did not talk once. I was probably on camera for a total of three minutes, but I’m really guessing. I’ve never seen it.” Walters said. “I hate that show.”

Walter doesn’t enjoy the premise, the plot, and he thinks the characters are very annoying. But his grandma loves it

Grey’s Anatomy is a television drama focusing on the professional and personal lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors. The show is incredibly beloved and trendy for students.

Walter generally does not enjoy watching television or movies except for the shows Orange is the New Black and Parks and Recreation.

Overall, being on Grey’s Anatomy was a fun and positive experience.

“The cast members were really nice. They took photos with me and talked to my mom a lot.” Walter said.

The only negative part of shooting the episode was waking up at 3 a.m. every morning.

Walter moved from Los Angeles two days before the first day of his freshman year. He enjoys school, and feels that not many people here know he was on the show.

“I think a lot of people know that there is a boy at Drake who was on the show, they just don’t know that it was me. People are generally surprised when I tell them.” he said.

Grey’s Anatomy is not the only acting job Walter has had. He has appeared in many college films, short films, commercials, and modeling. Walters worked with about 20 companies like Disney, Xbox, Bounty, and Safeway.

Currently Walter is not doing anything to further his acting or modeling career.

“I enjoyed working with students from USC and UCLA film school on their projects. On the DVD cover of Earth to Echo you can see my finger.” he said.