Break time too short in current schedule


Art by Andrea Giacomini

Jayden Enclade, Reporter

The new schedule’s five minute breaks between classes are too short for students. While it benefits students overall, the breaks are surely a disadvantage.  

The schedule allows students a much needed 30 minutes of extra sleep, but with that comes five minute breaks. With all the new changes to the new schedule, the breaks are the only flaw.

In the past there was a 10 minute break between bells on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a 15 minute break on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

These breaks gave students the opportunity to get food from the canteen, go to the library, and socialize with friends.

A short five minutes doesn’t allow for any of these pleasant activities. By the time the bell rings, you pick up your phone from the phone box and make it out to the senior tree. You only have about two to three minutes before you have to go to your next class.

I noticed the change the very first week of school when my entire American Literature class showed up five minutes late.

This trend continued the first couple weeks of school until students began getting shuttled to class by Ryan, Rich, and Lena because the bell wasn’t working.

The days of grabbing a bagel, chocolate milk, and relaxing with friends are no more. If you’re hungry after your first period you better hope your next teacher allows eating in class.

During my first three years of high school I would rely on a bagel from the canteen to help keep my focus until lunch. This year, one of my classes following break doesn’t allow eating in class.

The largest problem with the breaks is that there is hardly any time to go to the library in between classes. This is very useful for a last minute print or an extra cram session for a test.

Before every test in AP U.S. History a group of students and I would refresh our brains one last time before the test, which I found very useful. The new break schedule does not allow for these types of accommodations.

Another academic aspect of shorter breaks are not having enough time for my brain to rest. Going from Calculus to Economics in the morning is extremely hard to maintain focus.

Terra Linda High school has a 15 minute break in the morning and a five minute break in the afternoon which I think has a nice feel, a longer break in the morning with a short refresh between afternoon blocks.

Our regular school day on the old schedule was a seven hour and 20 minute day. Now the regular school hours are a seven hour and five minute day. Getting out five minutes later for the extra five minutes of freedom after my morning class would definitely be worth it.  

I love the new schedule, but there are always things that can be improved and adding time to breaks is a start.