Issue 4 Briefly

Jordan Holman, Skylar Oswald, and Lana Fell

AP Secretary pursues new opportunity

January 23 was Tanya Jaspering’s last day here, as she is moving on to be the secretary to the Community Education Department in the Carlisle Building on Redwood’s campus.

New musical attracts sizeable turnout

Jasper Thelin and David Smith are co-directing The Addams Family, an extracurricular musical open to all students. The musical involves 49 students as actors and crew, the largest turnout for an extracurricular producton thus far. Performances will be March 23, 24, 26, 29, 30, 31.

Biomed presents new science opportunities

Biomed, an addition to the science curricula, will be offered next school year. The course prerequisites include completion of or concurrent enrollment in chemistry or physiology.

The class will combine these subjects, while focusing on how they relate to the world of medicine. Its intent is to prepare students who plan to pursue the medical sciences after graduation.

Teacher returns for new semester

Kendall Galli has previously worked here as the leadership teacher and LINK crew coordinator. She returns this semester to teach three sections of AP English Language and Composition. She is here periods one, two, three, and four.