United States fails to elect women president, ready to speak out


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The election is over and now more than ever unity as a nation is important. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. The statement leaves a sour taste on our tongue. We don’t agree with Trump’s policies and behavior.

We recognize there is a duty of every citizen of this nation to give the president-elect a chance to govern. Then once he fails, the people must use the powers of a democratic system to make the Trump administration have all constituents’ interests in mind.
More than half of the United States is women yet the United States failed to elect its first woman president. This is a bad precedent for little girls everywhere who could turn to any TV on election night and see voters choose misogyny. Sadly, there is still room in the history book for a first woman commander-in-chief. Hopefully, it will be a woman and not far in the future. Instead of throwing in the towel, let this fuel the fire. Social change cannot be stopped by one person.

The country needs to look forward and find a way for both parties to reach across the aisle and find a restriction to Trump’s inconsistent policy agenda. In recent weeks after the election Trump has gone back on campaign propaganda including his view on the repeal of Obamacare.

Trumps rhetoric appealed to those Americans who rely on factory work and feel they are being left out of a modernizing world. It opened our close-minded heads here in Marin to how the majority of the middle of the country feels about the United States we live in. In a way we are just as bad as Trump supporters if we try and degrade their opinions based on who they voted for. We feel Clinton represent us just as strongly as the other side feels that Trump represent them.

This is the great thing about democracy Hopefully it gives voice to those often not heard. Months ago the Republican party was thought to be dying. A bleak outlook that they would get a majority of seats in both houses and a loss in the presidential race imminent, it didn’t look good.

Now Republicans control the legislative and executive branches of the federal government and are set to appoint a conservative in the Supreme Court.

On the outside it creates a dreary outlook for liberals, but when we make the system work, all people will still have a say in their government.